20 Dollar Monthly bill Transform Harriet Tubman Illuminati 2015   comprehensive video clip

20 Dollar Monthly bill Transform Harriet Tubman Illuminati 2015 comprehensive video clip

Is Switching the 20 greenback bill an illuminati agenda? Now Just before I chat about my conspiracy. This video clip is not to offend feminine and feminism. Or any discrimination toward harriet tubman. Definitely an american hero.

Now There is information that the latest 20 greenback bill will alter its glimpse from its initial look of Andrew Jackson the 7th president of the united states. Into what could be the facial area of Mrs Harriet Tubman. Now in my belief I experience that we ought to maintain Jackson on For numerous causes. But my conspiracy is this. That woman…. it's possible in scroll and keys secret modern society or some type of affiliation performing with the illuminati want to provide in extra feminism to our new earth buy the us. Nothing wrong with Woman, they are and really should generally be equal. But I commenced to question… The increase of the 2016 presidential marketing campaign. I just hope its not hillary, illl disscuss in a later on online video, but its practically nothing to do with the truth that she’s a woman. But I come to feel like the people pulling the strings are endorsing and making guaranteed hillary will grow to be president advertising a good deal of lady rights and feminism empowerment. And if your against the marketing campaign your a sexist and what not. And thats not the deal below. I sense lousy for individuals girl who are mind washed in contemplating that way. They are applying equivalent rights for feminism in the completely wrong way. Its like if you do not vote for hillary then you are a sexist scumbag that does not are entitled to to be in this modern society, and you are going to be labeled as a terrorist by the clinton campaign. And a hostile threat to american security.. You see they bought you twisted. So I really feel like the Whole problem with transforming the 20 dollar bill to a female is some subliminal ritual by the institution illuminati. To propagate feminism. Top to a upcoming of hillary getting president. And just take to thing to consider. the 20 dollar bill is what i like to simply call the golden selection simply because its the 20 dollar expenses that individuals generally have and do transactions with. And the public will see it day to day. counciously and subliminally. So it genuinely raises question could hillary have element of this? But at this place they are still contemplating on that decision but they are truly dedicated to deciding upon a girl to change jackson on the invoice. I truthfully consider jackson must stay. Or any person farther in the past then mrs tubman. So the stage in this article is the illuminati is marketing extra and far more faux feminism as a rip-off to make hillary come to be president, and this offer with the 20 dollar is another move to it. What do you fellas think comment bellow!!!


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keepin itreal

Blacks are trash. They need to know their place too. Ever since slavery ended blacks jst abuse their rights now milking the system and if we try to deny them they pull the race card on us. Jews were tortured in the holocaust but u dont hear them saying poor us, u guys hate jews. Blacks are nothing but ghetto cry babies who when they fight they fight in crowds like the cowards they are. the majority jst live on welfare in ghetto neighborhoods to buy their crack, grillz, tattoos all over, & pants below their waste. They're most likely… Read more »

Ha Re

I will take that in ones, fives, tens and fiftys please.


Of course. Of course they are going to put a new person on the bill and that person is a black woman. There's your anti-white agenda and your feminist agenda. Of course it's not an Asian person, or Hispanic, Native American, or whatever. Multicultural just means taking away things that are specifically white and replacing them specifically with black. Multicultural? Where are the other cultures? And OF COURSE all the black sycophants just love this. Ugh.


holy crap, you hit it right on the nail !

Orthodox 1 1

Should not change the 20 dollar bill
An if so should be a Native American period ,or someone spiritual !!!!!


Jackson murdered the Natives………Washington owned slaved, Lincoln was found out to be half black so they put him on the most worthless coin that just so happens to be the only coin that resembles the skin ton of blacks and then to make things even worse, they faced him in the opposite direction of all the other white slave owners lol so really…..who cares who's face in on the money just as long as you have some fuckin money, the racist will go crazy over this one for sure lol

Mark Cullinan

Jackson had native American blood and also went up against the Rothschild owned federal reserve I guess that's the main reason why their taking him off the bill !!!!!


Race Wars coming….

Aaron Crockett

this idiot said the 20 will be dead money! go the way of the dollar coin?! ha ha White men you are officially the minority and your women want the big brown D. Genetic Annihilation is coming! viva la Mexico

Anthony Stauble

this is for sure happening now, but won't go into effect supposedly until 2020, we'll see, obama always finds a way Around whatever "rules" he has in his way. but i still believe that it has some place in nwo, idk but beyond that, just the precedent it sets along with all the stuff obama has done in his tenure. All the precedents set by him that future presidents will abuse, just going Around rules, and congress, creating his own rules, trying to destroy middle class, which is what socialism accomplishes. so of course the super wealthy want that, it… Read more »

Recie Mwah

More than likely its to start a race war because black, white and brown ppl are about to rip each other heads off in the threads containing this topic.. I doubt if it had anything to do with Hillary winning.. Trump has already been chosen in the rigged election


hillary clinton will be un the 20 dollar bill she will ja


Donald Trump will win


[H]illary – [H]arriet ;D

Range Ryder

This isn't a conspiracy, it's just SWJs doing what disgusting degenerate SJWs do. Be faggots. Feminism is poison and so is brainwashing of our youth. This is just a side effect of the subversive brainwashing our youth has been though. They really think this is a good thing to put a "stong black woman!" on a 20 Dollar bill. If this passes, go to the bank and ask for two 10s. DONT USE THE BILLS. They will go the way of Dollar coins did a few years ago and disappear.  I know this country is completely ruined beyond repair and… Read more »

Stevie Laurence

they did that with obama. if your against obama you're somehow racist. the races are so divided right now. he fucked everything up. if she gets in, we will have the same problem with the sexes. although, we're already having these problems.


>_> you're ridiculous…

Kennessey Williams

i agree and plus it makes women spend more money..its simple

lordvageta sayain

I believe somewhat the same thing. It is goddess worship of the new Babylon. Andrew Jackson shut the first central bank down, and balanced the budget for the only time in history. What woman has ever done anything like that!? They are destroying masculinity in preparation for their NWO. Female Supremacy in order to further materialize and dumb down the masses.

Hector Rodriguez

I just dont vote lololololol


Our money is worthless this is a joke

Brandon January

Ain't watching this bullshit foh