6 Techniques Bohemian Rhapsody Ignored Queen’s Real Tale! Comprehensive Video clip

6 Techniques Bohemian Rhapsody Ignored Queen’s Real Tale! Comprehensive Video clip

Is Bohemian Rhapsody Queen's genuine lifetime or just a fantasy? These are the top 6 info the Queen biopic obtained incorrect about Freddie Mercury and the band!

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Bohemian Rhapsody stars Rami Malek (Freddie Mercury), Lucy Boynton (Mary Austin), Gwilym Lee (Brian May well), Ben Hardy (Roger Taylor), Joseph Mazzello (John 'Deacy' Deacon), Aiden Gillen (John Reid), Tom Hollander (Jim 'Miami' Beach front), Allen Leech (Paul Prenter), Aaron McCusker (Jim Hutton) & Mike Myers (Ray Foster).

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Freddie Mercury accomplishing in New Haven image by Carl Lender
University of West London Bohemian Rhapsody Poster graphic by Roger Inexperienced
Madonna picture by David Shankbone

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their songs and their amazing lead singer Freddie Mercury, who defied stereotypes and shattered convention to grow to be 1 of the most beloved entertainers on the planet.

The movie traces the meteoric increase of the band by their iconic songs and groundbreaking seem, their close to-implosion as Mercury's lifestyle spirals out of management, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of Dwell Aid, where Mercury, struggling with a everyday living-threatening ailment, potential customers the band in just one of the finest performances in the history of rock music. In the approach, cementing the legacy of a band that were being often extra like household, and who continue on to inspire outsiders, dreamers and new music fans to this day.

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C Hoc

I saw the movie today. I do not like 90% of movies today but I enjoyed this very much. However, I immediately noticed We Will Rock You incorrectly being described as a new song in 1980, 2) Fat Bottomed Girls being performed incorrectly as a song from 1974, 3) false claim of band breakup before Live Aid, 4) AIDS diagnosis before Live Aid was wrong. Bio pics should provide accurate info and timelines. These were the only turnoffs.

JohnygatFTW GatFTW

I think in the end credits we should’ve saw the final music video these are the days I would’ve loved seeing rami doing that he was great


I feel like Roger Taylor wanted to be the star and was jealous of Freddie. Coz before Freddie he was the one who got the most attention for his looks but after Freddie joined, the limelight shifted Freddie.


Uncomfortable contact lenses? What BS. The only reason they kept his eyes blue was whitewashing.. to appeal to white people.. to make an Indian man look more relatable to them. Freddie's shiny black hair, intense brown eyes, teeth and masculine jawline were his most distinct features. It's a pretty huge detail to ignore. Will they make a Frank Sinatra movie with a brown eyed actor? NO.

Christian Mendoza

Who cares about the fucking moustache

david simpson

I thought it was very tastefully done and Rami definitely deserves an Oscar nomination for his part. Freddie is not an easy character to portray and he nailed it. Excellent film.


Some things that were dropped that could have fit easily in the movie.

-roger taylor locked himself in a closet till im in love with my car got released as the b side.

-micheal jackson was good friends and convinced them to release Another One Bites the Dust. Freddie was going to be on thriller but Mj brought his lama into the studio amd that bothered freddie.

Anthony S

I reckon it should have been called “it’s a kind of magic”

Carolina Kohan Lopez

In my opinion the most shocking scene is the taxi driver waiting there for Mary – Freddie conversation to end. I mean, does any taxi driver in REAL LIFE actually do that without complaining on the background?

Uzay Adıyaman

You don’t need to find diversities between real life in every movie. This is a movie and a great movie so leave it.

Cydney Faith

the timeline for we will rock you, the eye colour, and everything bothered me. they demonized Freddie so many times. "breaking up the band" and being over whelmed visibly with stress, like it's a biography not a drama. Freddie's life was enough without all the added drama.

Fred DeSmet

The movie as a whole was great generally because of the incredible music. I would have liked to have seen more authenticity. Since the actors are generally unknown they're more convincing in there roles. More grit! Semi documentary style like the movie Blaze.

Kri MD

I don’t give a damn. I loved it and will watch it again

lydienne mcclure

okay im sorry to put this out here but… What do you expect. Freddie died years ago. They had to make some fun out of the movie so of course some of the parts of the movie are not true. They had to make up outfits make up the lines. that wasnt the real freddie mercury and he did good on trying to act like him.

Holly Garner

it ended kind of abruptly, and some fo the 'facts' are off but it was good! One of the best R&R bands of the 70s when music was more musical.

M. Scott McKenna

Those departures from real life did not bother me at all. To my thinking, to try to tell the story of a band in 120-150 minutes is impossible; thus, one has to allow some "artistic license" and time-compression / time changing from the real story. Otherwise it would become a Ken Burns multi-volume sort of things.

Rachel Taylor

It’s a brilliant movie!

Max Steiner

I couldnt find a single interview session where he's being grilled by a crowd of reporters like in the movie.


Nothing really matters. Anyone can see, nothing really matters to me. Anyway the wind blows.

kim cat

If i hadnt seen this i would hav taken what was shown at face value.

Katia Barros

Queens' show in Rio was in January of 1985, only a few months before the Live Aid show, not in the 70's like the film portrays.


I liked the movie, of course, I don't take everything in the movie for truth and I think peoples need to do some research because movies always change multiple facts but I think Malek did a good job on that movie.


i watched it twice in theaters in a 3 day span. great movie. moving the timeline is somewhat like making a movie based on a book. there will have to be some changes or else the movie will be 10 hours long trying to capture all of the detail of the book (or someones life).


after watching the Movie i came strait home and watched my Live Aid DVD but only the Queen section, and for me being a Queen Fan since they started out as i am now 64 i noticed a few of the things mentioned but i still enjoyed it as it was a Fantastic Movie and yes i cried a few times as well

Unum Kumunu

Freddy's eyes were deep seated

Ara King

I was in tears at the movies , i guess it was because it feld like Freddy was a lonesome person, , even he was surronded by a lot of people. What a shame.. so young to die… 🙁

Jayna Sass

Best movie I’ve ever seen, i NEED to see it again!!!

Emma Sullivan

No one’s going to talk about how they casually glossed over the Flash Gordon era?
Still loved the movie tho

Kassi Dillon The Dog

I watched it for the 3rd time yesterday


Great film

Florence Sturgess

Idc I love Bahamian rapsady

Amaiya Clay

This video has been in my recommended for so long, but I wasn't watching it till I saw the movie

C Su

Glad he died of Aids. Gay sex is sick!

Mytty Dohun

Guy on the electric guitar looks exactly like the guy in the movie

Unlucky Keys

You're telling me Roger Taylor and Brian May ignored history in favor of a better story?! I, for one, am appalled

Denise Gabbard

It is a great film, I would watch it again.

Fay Ryuujin

and that's why they call it an entertainment INDUSTRY, because facts and truth are a distant second behind $$$$.
NOTE: Fox news is probably the best example of ignoring facts while they sell fucking shit and lies for money to idiots.

Filipe Faraon

Bringing Rock in Rio (1985, thus short hair and mustache) years earlier was quite absurd, much more than most of the stuff told in this video


I like that film, watched it in a movie theater and can't stop thinking about it, I already watched real Live Aids several times and want to re-watch the movie in movie theater as it's absolutely RAD.

Internet fool

It was amazing. An amazing movie that captured what they needed. They knew what they wanted and what they were gonna do. Actual art.

Carol Vialogos

I loved it. I cried and remembered some great men who had died around that time.

Sunshine Bates

You want to know what I thought of this movie??? I cried. I cried like a little bitch.

The dude

Who cares if it’s not %100 accurate. It’s an amazing story amazing film.

Ismael Alvarez

This is what society looks up to that’s why society is in the toilet

Farrakhan Wolcott

The movie made it seem like their fifth album the one with Bohemian Rhapsody was their second album

Ine Danger

I like seeing the differences. Although I don't take offense at all in the changes. It's a film, not a documentary. So it's ok to change a few things for a better storytelling effect

James Ortiz

Farouk "Freddy" was a quiet person. He was flamboyant on stage or at parties . In real life he was mostly a reserved person. This film unfortunately will lead people to believe an untrue story. It needed a disclaimer about ir being fictional.