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medjaahid mo

illuminatie you have to die out all of you pls go in pease from this world and die rip


illuminati……. hmmmmmmm everyone are circle around this illuminati cult, illuminati sucks, illuminati is pure STUPIDITY… i don't see anythink enlighten in what those impotent old corporate fucks do that they call themsefs iluminated….. WE ARE STRONG

Murdoc Sicàrio

spread the word! out of the 99%, 90% of people are still stuck in the dream world. WE MUST WAKE THEM UP


pleas russian version thank yoo


take down all they're building! and burn all they're money! and destroy all they're of weapons! and start over again! fresh n new way of living!


i say: remember and forgive *ourselves* first and foremost for how *we* have made ourselves live like this… "they" are only our own reflection. Vengeance only holds us in negativity–It is and always HAS BEEN OUR OWN CHOICE. REMEMBER THAT! Just choose differently, with no duality or excuses, if you don't like this.


I have found that duality and negativity could punch me up against the corner when it could hold me through my own duality and negativity I held within. The greatest protection is the raising above duality and negativity where negativity cannot find you–violence there becomes unnecessary as the negativity bounces back to the perpetrator…I'm happy to talk more about this if of any interest. Thanks for replying. In Truth & Love.

Kerry Benthall

Keep in your hearts that the only way to change any negative energies is through compassion. All beings are connected to each other. Our triumph is not in conquering others, it is in awakening their hearts. Whether they are on this earth or not. All beings throughout this universe and elsewhere are created for one purpose, to move toward their light. Anger and revenge only feed the darkness. Feed the light, share the light, be the light.


why does this sound from a movie xD

Acoustic Vibe

yeah its when it was frozen the crystals were formed like that, same results with same intentions every time. try freeze tap water and see how it looks like, no crystals or geometry. also they play sound frequencies into an UNFROZEN water droplet and it forms into perfect geometry, the more you raise the frequency the more complex the geomtry is

IronMan 10

down with the illuminati and all evil controlling elites and all reptilians shapeshifters grey aliens and the galactic federation we all know they are trying to deceive humanity and the whole new world order plans of 2012.