A-Listing Actors Pressured to Dress in Attire A-List Actresses with Male Arms: Illuminati Origins   whole online video

A-Listing Actors Pressured to Dress in Attire A-List Actresses with Male Arms: Illuminati Origins whole online video

Why are nearly 100% of all A-record actors forced to dress in dresses and why do so a lot of A-listing actresses have gentleman arms? This online video clarifies why. Who is accountable for blurring the gender lines?

Adhere to up online video

Follow up video to 95% Opportunity Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston ended up born adult men.

99.97% Likelihood That Joan Rivers Was Murdered for Outing Michelle Obama as a Guy

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william saltsman

If men had been totally accepted from birth for showing affection toward other men and women without being forced to feel guilt fear and shame leading to emotional trauma and emotional disorders then they would not have started thinking about sex changes and putting on dresses. They would have grown up feeling accepted and normal. And would be living today as men. Little children begin life hugging and loving everyone. They don't think in terms of love and affection being wrong to others until mommy and daddy step in and tell them "OH NO HONEY LITTLE BOYS DON'T HUG OTHER… Read more »

Cathy Waller

No one is born gay! No one is born transgendered!
Look at the Baphomet on Google
it is both sexes mixed together
it is satanic

Carter Lord

It's ritual initiation into the priesthood of the Goddess who requires her priest to castrate themselves. They castrate themselves symbolically by wearing a dress. It used to be called the Order of Melchizedek, of which Jesus was a member. He may have been a eunuch as well since he requested that his disciples make themselves eunuchs if they were able. Paul also said that he would be a eunuch for the lord or the kingdom of heaven

Timm Rex


Mark Kozak

Oh Man !

Charlie Ndlovu

Was enjoying your videos till you started talking of finger dimensions and levels of testosterone. um you nuts sir

Lisa Houserman

I saw a video a couple of years ago how the gay undertones have really always been in a lot of the movies in Hollywood. Starting back in the silent film era. It was pretty interesting I just never thought about it you know sometimes you think about the old days being different but they aren't really.

Mia's New Pair of Glasses

I want to point out to those commenting on "the God within" as being against Jesus's teachings, however we have been encouraged to allow Jesus and his love into our hearts and as I last checked… your heart is within you & your body. It's all just language, look beyond the words. 🙂

Diana Ochoa

Since Shakespeare ,men used to play women's parts …

Crazy Dog People

I'm a biological female (using my bf's acct!) and my ring finger/index finger ratio looks almost exactly like most of the female celebs shown. My ring finger on both sides is longer than my index. I'm extremely feminine and have an hourglass shape, so I don't place much validity or merit on this to determine high testosterone levels in a female or whether she was actually born a woman. Jenah 🙂


Wow, my ring finger is clearly longer than my index finger, and I was born and am female. Interesting.

Lisa Love

I have a male ratio . My ring finger is longer than my index. But I'm not a lesbian? I don't feel masculine.

be the change you wanna see in the world

my both ring fingers are abit longer…so freaked out! I am a god fearing girl wanna kids so much….


Well, would you look at this? See what I found, folks. An entire thread devoted to the irrational and obsessive fear of crossdressing!!

True Lotus

im a mother but i guess im a man according to my ring finger

W Zen

The entire lgbt thing is to attack the family unit and destroy it. Why? Because the family is the base unit or foundation of the American middle class. America's large middle class capitalist society is the successful alternative to the failed Communist utopia.
When Obama took office most Americans were middle class. When Obama left 8 years later most Americans were poor.


So let me get this straight so in order for me to make it to the top whether it's in music or in movies i have to wear a dress and kiss a dude get it up the ass like these famous faggots in the industry? Fuck no i rather be an Average Joe.

Lisa Noelle

WOW!! Your videos and the wisdom expressed just blows my mind!

Pat Searing

They want our inspiration and enthusiasm for life. Our entheos; the god within.

P Thomas

This is just this you tubers personal opinion he probly another hateful cult member of Christianity that cry pervert because there having fun out side the walls of the world wide cult known as Christianity


For years men have been de-masculated in commercials, made to look like dummies by their female partners. I find them disgusting. Give me a REAL man any day. Tight jeans, muscles, hairy chest, Harley Davidson, not afraid to stand up for a woman. Yummy

Matt Barringer

Barack Obama is gay.  Two men( Larry Sinclair and Donald Young) claimed to have a homosexual relationship with him when he was Senator of Illinois and died shortly after of mysterious circumstances.  Sinclair also claimed to smoke crack with him and I believe this is true given the fact that Obama admitted to experimenting with cocaine during his adolescence.  Great Video Paul.

Sharon M

You can tell it's a guy because of the Adam's apple

Ella gamberi

Doesn't a lot of this stuff begin at university or even the army? Anything with a hierachy.


I wish you would make a video on the pineal gland. That has a lot to do with being in touch with our spiritual side and being in touch with God and clarifying our reality. I know at least one of the reasons why they put fluoride in our water is because fluoride calcifies and shuts down our pineal gland… It makes people more docile and easier to control. I wish you would do a video on the pineal gland…

thrice bang

Feminized? Really?

Clan Gunn Bushcraft

Obviously I havnt watched it, but has anyone seen that movie that came out a few months ago…
"A kid like Jake"
It's about a 4 year old transvestite boy, that gets acceptance of his parents.
The dad's played by that fagot from that really shitty so called comedy, big bag theory.
Nothing but the sexualisation of children and the acceptace of perversions and pedofilia

Jimmy Catalina

My left index finger is longer. My right ring finger is longer.

william saltsman

What we used to have were men acting like men. Killing each other. Beating each other up. Starting and maintaining war after war. Brutalizing each other and humanity as a whole. Invading, killing, raping, pillaging. OWNING their women AS PROPERTY. Plus hiding and pushing down any feelings of intimacy for other men for FEAR of being LABELED AND TREATED LIKE SCUM. This is what has led to the dam bursting into what we have today with over compensation of effeminate influence taking over men. The over compensation explosion is long over due and will continue to grow thanks to the… Read more »

Dave M

When I was 11 in 1982 the movie "Tootsie" starring Dustin Hoffman playing a woman came out. It just seemed off and wrong to me in some way. And look where it's gone from there…

Effram Coleman

How make you were making good sense and you messed it all up people go to go to strip clubs to see naked women some women that look better than their wives or girlfriends at home the women up there getting money dummy why did you go and best of luck you need some real good research they start talking about Michelle Obama being a man where the kids come from and look just like both of them I was going to use your video to show why we shouldn't pay attention to what actress say and what Dave Chappelle… Read more »

Cheyenne Hummingbird

Yes, and look how great this has work out…agenda fulfilled!

Lorne Jim

People are not born homosexual…it is a personal free will choice to indulge in that lifestyle…wake up dude!

Top of top

Michele Obama is aman

Great One

Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker, Samuel Jackson, Denzel Washington, Mark Whalburg, Bruce Willis, Christian Bale, Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Cruise, etc. etc. etc. NO DRESS, NO DRAG.

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

The Divorce Industry is worth Trillions


Haha, people like you need to hang themselves in a dark room alone. I have a very feminine hand, my index finger is the tallest after the middle finger. This does not mean I am a male or female. You are just 94% of those men who jack off to straight women everyday, but you accidently jacked off to a crossdresser (not even trans) which made you upset until you made this video. LOL

jazmina collins

I know people look for the trannies ring finger to index finger ratio but thats not always accurate. Women have small waste, even when they gain weight there waist are allays gonna curve. Men have straight sides, no curve.

Tammy's Tunage

I think you're right…i have noticed more and more male actors dressed as women in all types of movies and tv shows. Ridiculous!

israel crucified in christ

the blood of Jesus is not of cowardice it's of victory