CFR Illuminati ★ Bilderberg Group Trilateral Fee New Earth Get ♦ Myron Fagan 1967 Audio 1   total video

CFR Illuminati ★ Bilderberg Group Trilateral Fee New Earth Get ♦ Myron Fagan 1967 Audio 1 total video

Myron Fagan 1967, Illuminati, CFR, Trilateral Commision, Bilderberg Team, Exposed - YouTube Video clip

CFR Illuminati ★ Bilderberg Team Trilateral Commission New Globe Purchase ♦ Myron Fagan 1967 Audio Playlist

Myron Fagan
Involving 1967 and 1968 Fagan recorded The Illuminati and the Council on Overseas Relations, three LP records allegedly documenting the activities of a mystery society regarded as "The Illuminati" which were made by Anthony J. Hilder.

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Council on International Relations
The Council on Foreign Relations is an American nonprofit, nonpartisan membership firm, publisher, and imagine tank specializing in U.S. overseas coverage and worldwide affairs.

CFR Illuminati
In his sensational recording Myron Fagan reveals the commencing of the New Earth Purchase enslavement plot that was introduced two hundreds of years back by just one Adam Weishaupt, an apostate Catholic Priest who financed by the residence of Rothchild, established what he known as:

"The Illuminati" Mr. Fagan describes (with documentary proof) how this Illuminati grew to become the instrument of the Property of Rothschild to accomplish a One Entire world Govt and how each and every War for the duration of the previous two hundreds of years was fomented by this Illuminati.

He describes how a single Jacob H. Schiff was despatched to the United States by the Rothschilds to further more the Illuminati plot and how Schiff plotted to get command of both equally the Democratic and the Republican Events.

How Schiff seduced our United States Congress and Presidents to reach management of our full Funds-Program and make the Profits Tax Cancer and how Schiff and his co-conspirators produced the Council on International Relations to command our elected officers to progressively drive the U.S. into getting to be an enslaved device of a United Nations - Just one World Governing administration.

In brief, this Recording is the most appealing and the most horrifying and factual story of the most sensational plot in the record of the Globe.

Every person who loves the United States - who enjoys God - who would help save Christianity (which the Illuminati is dedicated to wipe out) who would help you save our sons from dying on Korean, on Vietnam, on South African, and now on the battlefields of the Middle East, should listen to this Recording.

There is definitely no question that everyone who does hear this awesome tale will sign up for in the combat to preserve the United States and our Nation's Youth.

Myron Fagan's recording took location someday in the 1960's. Please take the time to confirm the statements produced herein.

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