Scientists have invented a new “rainbow”

Scientists have invented a new “rainbow”

The human eye has a lot of complications to understand the color. From discussions about what color is a dress up scientific articles that attempt to better understand this. But why a scientific study could help us to understand these complex ideas related to the rainbow?

Rainbows are often used in scientific studies to call the attention of the people, since the majority loves this colorful phenomenon. However, over the years a sector of the scientific community has tried to remove the rainbow, because they are useless for color-blind people and because we can’t see the color in a way that allows to interpret the data appropriately.

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Jamie Nunez, analyst chemical and biological data, said in a statement to Scientific American:

People like to use the rainbow, because it calls attention. But once the eye actually reaches and the people are trying to discover what is really happening within the image, is where crumbles”.

Our brains do not work really well for rainbows. To this we must add the fact that the colors of the rainbow are in disarray (how to sort the red, blue, and yellow?), and we can’t determine what color it is between each one of them. Because of this we tend to interpret that the bright colors are the most important, regardless of where they are.

La misma imagen, algunas células de levadura, vista en diversas escalas de colores. En escala de grises, jet y el nuevo esquema, cividis. Según el estudio, jet es engañoso, ya que, naturalmente, parece que el amarillo brillante debería representar valores más altos. De hecho, los valores más altos se muestran en rojo oscuro

The same image, some yeast cells, as seen in different scales of colors. In gray-scale, jet and the new scheme, cividis. According to the study, the jet is misleading, since, naturally, it seems that the bright yellow should represent higher values. In fact, the highest values are shown in dark red. Credit; Nuñez and others, PLOS ONE, 2018

In addition to the headache that generates the rainbow for the scientists, on one occasion, he put lives at risk. A study of Harvard found that physicians who made a 3D model took more time and were less accurate in diagnosing a heart disease that when shown a model 2D using a scale from red to black.

Now, fortunately, a team of scientists from the US Department of Energy have created a color scale using advanced modeling techniques and mathematical optimization that aims to solve our problems with the rainbow.

Cividis, the new scale of rainbow

It has been called “cividis“, and s scale goes from dark blue to light yellow. This scale is used by color-blind people, and it is perceptually linear, so that the changes which we perceive in the color relate to the actual changes in the data.

And then, why, despite our problems, we kept coming back to the rainbow classic?

The cartographer and critic of rainbow Kenneth Field, said the following to Scientific American:

It’s simply that people love the maps colorful. This is something that the team from Nuñez is very aware of: a drawback to his system of color, as the study notes, is that its minimum coverage of different colors prevents the cividis be as aesthetically pleasing as other maps”.

And even though they appear pretty, for the scientists of the rainbow are pretty useless as tools of data. As you said Field: “when it comes to scientific analysis, the rainbow cause more problems than answers”.

The scientific study has been published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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