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Zen Ra

Gram negative bacteria indicating , presence of nitrites –> animal proteins is to nitrites, nitrites to Niritti, also corresponding to pigeon, pigeon is to pathogen, pathogens controlled through avian related vector borne transmission, magnetoreception under the dome, cryptococcal control of populations.. prison planet pigeon planet. Mercury the happy prince, test the jester like Sidhartha before the state of enlightenment begins, but lot of truth is said in jest.. just playing with the maze for the eyes that never rest yet do not see, see nothing, seek nothing – past the illusion of deluded confusion, confucious says to so see the… Read more »

Guru Maharaj108

Thanks bhai

sagar bholankar

Thanks sir

karan kakkar

Dear Parthasarathy Sir, I was following Prashant trivedi and bapuji dashrartbhai Patel from 3 years for spritual knowledge…As guided by my Astrologer I was reciting Vishnu Sahasranaman strotam(LordVishnu), Argala Strotam(Goddess Durga) and Mahamritunjaya Mantra(Lord shiv) and worshipping Shivling from years in Temple daily.. doing all the basic of Prashant trivedi ji like Connecting with Nature(walking barefoot on grass,Sun gazing),Feeding Street dogs , following a Lacto vegetarian diet , no smoking,drinking alcohol etc…. But as you have said in most of your video that Praising the higher divine is also a part of Matrix but in my case these Mantra s… Read more »

Sudha P

U r an inspiration to me.
U have enlightened me, Sir, many topics you explain previously used to ignore or say I was unaware of the depth….. U just made me sail and I want to fly….. Thx a lot

Sudha P

Thank you…. Sir!

Anuradha Singh

I want your take on "Gayatri Mantra".

himalaya singh

sir ek baat bataye ye jo log success hona chahtey hain to kya sirf illuminati ke through hi ho saktey hain hamari koi will nahi. or sir kya illuminati galat cheej h kya

Pooja Kumari