Find a colt frozen for 40,000 years in the “gateway to the underworld” Siberia

Find a colt frozen for 40,000 years in the “gateway to the underworld” Siberia

A team of scientists have been able to find something totally unique in Siberia, a colt frozen for millennia.

The colossal crater of Batagaika, known as “the gateway to the underworld”, was found a colt frozen that lived 30,000 to 40,000 years.

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Puerta al Inframundo en Batagaika, Siberia

Door to the Underworld in Batagaika, Siberia. Credit: Alexander Gabyshev, Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North

According to a press release of the North-Eastern Federal University, the animal was about 3 months and your body is in a very good state of preservation because they spent thousands of years in the permafrost. Thus, it is retained completely its hair coat, dark brown mane, tail and internal organs.

The researchers said that it is the “first discovery worldwide of a horse’s fossilized in such a good state of preservation, and from such a young age”.

Credit: North-Eastern Federal University

In 2009, in the crater of Batagaika local residents found the body of a baby bison and a part of the corpse of a horse’s fossilized. Now, the expedition that found the foal has begun to explore the so-called ‘graveyard of the mammoths’, about 220 km from the place.

Source: RT

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