Illuminati and Magical Body Transformation 8/12

Illuminati and Magical Body Transformation 8/12


Much like an "extras" to the Hollywood Insiders series, this presentation reviews Illuminati symbolism, Satanism, and predictive programming in movies today, and 50 years ago. It also reviews countless quotes from Satanic literature and Black Magic texts regarding body-transformation, and the Jedi. This presentation includes movies such as: Things to come, The Spirit, Beat the Devil, Max Payne, The devil's Hand, The Crow, and The Punisher.
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see videos of dero7 It didnt help me but then again..i didnt actually try Also see AstralBooBaby.hope u enjoy

Info Channel

i wanna visit the astral plane knowingly…help plzzz

Carlos Cisneros

By the Grace of the Divine, this people are sleeping closer and closer to the darkness, everytime they invoke or call forth these abominations. The Abyss is the eternal prisons of those who cannot except the loving, understanding nature of the divine; even I, a Pagan and Wizard know this. People like Lavey and Crowley were men abducted by these dark emissaries early on and began to work for them, like how the Illuminati do with the people of the world. They bring shame to Pagans and Wizards.

Magick and the Occult

this guy doesnt tell the whoe truth jesus or horus=sun as well as there is a sun card in tarot, why isnt that the devil lol, why cause theres a devil card, still trying to demonize the old guys eh