ILLUMINATI CULT (2of5): False Christs

ILLUMINATI CULT (2of5): False Christs


ILLUMINATI CULT (2of5): False Christs, and the Vanity of Satanists (revised).

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Has she studied a Masonic deception?

As with Moses, the past existence of King Arthur has been dismissed as a myth. However if Mr Wilson's research has uncovered the truth:

-- then the Welsh are the true House of Israel, one (or more) of the 10 "Lost Tribes";

-- then the earthly "Nation of Israel" (of the Japhites) is a fabrication. As told in [REVELATION], God's Kingdom is not an earthly Kingdom;

-- then "Ancient History" is a fabrication;

QUOTE: "The ancient Coelbren Alphabet is the language (original ancient script) of the Khumry (Cymru, Kimmeroi, Kimmerians), it is 4000 years old." (and is dismissed as a forgery, yet is found all over the world, as proof of migration!).

Real (unsuppressed) History of the Welsh (British) by Alan Wilson:


Does ignorance provide any benefits other than bliss? If the original prophets did not need any books, where did their "Word of God" come from? James had to be a Mason in order to be king. He was initiated into the Lodge of Scoon (Perthshire, Scotland) in 1601. He would have ensured that the "Holy Bible" was the first "Wholly Masonic English (Mis)Translation". There's enough space for just two examples:

a). The correct translation is not "Holy Ghost" it is "Sacred Spirit". You will find it in Strong's Concordance. "Holy" is similar to "Heyli" ("Heylel") which means "Lucifer";

b). God did not take a "rib" from Adam [GENESIS]. The correct translation is "curve" or "spiral". This is rather remarkable, because we now know that "spiral" could mean "DNA". It fits, because Adam had both types of Chromosome (XY), so God took an "X" Chromosome from Adam to create Eve (XX).

To sum up, 5 points:

1). The KJV is bad enough, but the modern bibles are totally corrupt (vid):

2). Most denominations were taken over by the Illuminati and turned into Masonic Brainwashing Cults (doc):

3). This confirms [REVELATION], which indicates that ALL "religions" will be taken over by the Anti-Christ & "Principalities" (vid):

4). Even the Elect, ESPECIALLY the Elect, will be deceived (vid):

5). Yahuwshua is not Greek (or Roman), to be given a Greek (or Roman) name. Masons insist that "Jesus is Lucifer". It fits, because "Yahuwshua is not Jesus" (doc):



``The scientist likes to tell us that he is studying the laws of the universe. He is not, because a mathematical model of the universe is not the universe. We have been conditioned to accept virtual reality (the model and its limitations) as reality in order to be disconnected from natural law (the universe). For what purpose? The destruction of creation? Does YHWH (God) exist? Has Yahuwshua (Christ) overcome death? Anything is possible.``

``According to Dr Ross, the Space Time Theorem states that: "If General Relativity reliably describes the dynamics of the Universe, AND if there is mass, THEN there must be a beginning of STME (Space, Time, Matter & Energy), AND if there is a beginning, THEN there must be a 'Causal Agent' beyond space and time (a Creator) who started it." He further states that the theory of General Relativity is about the most reliable theory (model) in science. His point is ... There has to be a 'Creator'.``

``The Book of Jeremiah (31) predicts the end of the 'Rabbinic Tradition' of teaching men about knowing God, for they will all know God. So the 'Vanishing Point' of Religions of Jews and Catholics, vanishes into a common culture of a future society that knows God without a 'Teaching' or 'Torah'. The Torah then quits being a 'Stone Edifice' among the Jews, and becomes the 'Human Heart' -- that is the 'New Covenant', which is the ultimate 'Universal Faith', that instead of using Religion, we have the Mind of God in ourselves.`` (CarmineFragione)




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Bo Bo

All ifs and buts. Pack of lies mixed with truth. My Saviour Yeshua HaMachaic Lives just as surely as you will die. Check it out for your selves people please don't be deceived by these satanic lies..

Robert Burke III

Satan I can say one thing you sure are a master marker. But your time is running out Church in America wake up most of what this video is saying is true like all satanic lies it's the 10% that isn't true that dirties up the truth and that's the case that's more like 6040 I guess


No the Egyptians didn't bury their pharaohs underneath pyramids you lying biatch. This video contains some of the shoddiest scholarship I've ever seen, without virtually any references for the myriad of claims made. The Egyptians invented the kilt? How in the hell did you prove that? The kilt most likely goes all the way back to the fig leaf aprons worn by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to hide their nakedness, which God replaced with "coats of skins", or leather aprons. Or does the narrator/producer think that the rest of the world was wearing blue jeans until… Read more »

Scott Huff

you are a liar and a deceitful person! you have completely misrepresented the story of the Israelites in Egypt and out-and-out lied continuously through this video.
you changed the timeline Joseph was dead hundreds of years before the Israelites left Egypt and he was given Power by pharaoh and a large portion of the money that was made from selling grain ( during the 7 year famine ) and a ten percent tithe of the land given to indvisual farmers of the allotted land went to the pharaoh


Full of BS you are! All kinds of evidence has been found to prove the existence of people in the bible including King David! Quit spreading lies!!


Complete Bullshit


Complete Bullshit and not very good researchers. the Greek and Egyptians Altered Egypt's history and Time lines, Also there is No such place as Egypt before the Greeks came about.. the Greek Named the Land Egypt which means House of Bondage, before that Egypt was names Mitzriam or Montazaria. These Ignorant So called researchers are a disgrace for their hald ass tip of the iceberg research.