ILLUMINATI   –  WHY A Top secret Culture   total movie

ILLUMINATI – WHY A Top secret Culture total movie

The Illuminati operates in defense of you and all humans, in all spots, and of all generations. Our duty to this world has spanned across hundreds of years and survived even the most established federal government entities. But the cultivation of trillions of human life is a daunting obligation, and when the human would not exist right now with out our defense, many uninformed masses oversight our guidance for a restriction of liberty.

Every single human desires to be cost-free of oppression, free of hardship, free of charge of poverty, free of charge of starvation, free of charge of guidelines and laws — but as you fully grasp, the mother nature of your species leaves correct liberty extremely hard.

Are you cost-free to murder? Are you no cost to steal? Are others free to murder and steal from you? Or are there certain freedoms that have to be supplied up for the advantage of all?


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