Kanye West will be Sacrificed CONFIRMED by ILLUMINATI

Kanye West will be Sacrificed CONFIRMED by ILLUMINATI


In this annual Sacrifice we are bringing forth Kanye West to table of the witches. Occult Sacrifice, Hollywood killed Kanye West.


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Rey Wint

DEVILS WORK never break a day to rest. The movie Get Out relates to these people of power today.
What about Kirk Franklin son says on media "My dad is trying to Kill me." Even the devil can have fallen angels. And they all want to be a blooming light just like Lucifer to shine and strike the world.

L kendricks

Who makes these dumb ass videos

Lucas Brown

Why are you showing clips of media channels all of them are misleading and are givin as an organization a set agenda it’s all bullshit. None of them want us to understand or reach higher consciousness, they simply are keeping us occupied with pointless and useless perspectives. Wake up

sr. j1towers

I thought about this recently …if it happens it would almost be like the time John Lennon was killed. and if he runs for President it'll be like JFK assassination

Angiecobbs5 Cobbs

They going to get kanye out of here cause he is talking to much and he already is a clone and sold his soul for fame

Jay Willow

This is the kinda shit I used to watch when I was broke and had nothing going for myself

Kevin Ferguson

If they do please get Kim too she is Evil as F!@#

Andy Pineda

We are all safe people, what they want is a puppet. And now they have him. Nothing to see here…. And where is biggie and tupac.. (Obama voice)

SARAH Connors

Clearly Trump, Kanye, Kim name them, emulates the 7 DEADLY SINS. UNGODLY, their god is LUCIFER, my conclusion is that GOD'S intentions was one of beauty, look at this earth, WHO IS POLLUTING IT? Yes, we have a hand in this but it is the MILLIONAIRES, BILLIONAIRES that creates waste (throw away products), creates poisons (food, air, water), bankers that INVESTS IN WARS, Governments that are COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.What I have learned is that the BANKERS GAME have 2 pillars, the glaring difference is that the NORMAL pillar has one rule, NEVER, EVER, NEVER touch a child,… Read more »


This will not happen…period.

bison yea

there sacrificing his career and sanity

Positive Vibes

Simplicity & Balance helps you see the truth for what it is. 2 sides. Not always 1 million sides #Woke

Daniel Harrington

Kanye would be a wasteful sacrifice lol satan will be like “why the fuck you bring me this shit”


So because you're a hateful, intolerant liberal beta cuck, and Kanye has opposite politics than you, you're now fearmongering that now hes a sacrifice. Wishful thinking on your part fucking idiot. Keep dreaming. Double dragon darling, buckle up!!!! All your precious SJW identity politics dont work no more. Now you and your pathetic party do not have a leg to stand on. Your party has been absolutely decimated. All this maniacal fake news excerpts you posted and you're with that craziness? These are your thoughts you share with them!? Calling Kanye a token negro whilst the only reason these dimwits… Read more »


Get off the Donald's dick

knowlight knowright

How do YOU know?

Tommy Da*UcE Tinofaatasi


Lady Ispy

Ahhhhhh dont say that, dont even it put that type of energy in the atmosphere. I understand people maybe upset with Kanye. BUT How many people actually peep what he is doing. Plus not to mention what he is the works of doing in Chicago.
Kanye I might not always agree with everything you say… BUT I HAVE NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR YOU.

God Bless Kanye

Tuka Mote

And thats how a system of control works …any questions?

Michael Smith

XXX tentacion gets sacrificed for speaking his mind and truth trying to spread positivity at only 20 years old Kanye been ranting talking crazy for years the Taylor Swift thing the George bush doesn't care about black ppl thing the huge twenty minute rant at his own concert the slavery is a choice comments and other dumb shit but still alive

Bofa_dz_nuts C;

Don you sit in front of white people and make a fool of yourself everyday. You are the Uncle Tom

Reginald Littlejohn

There is no left or right they all are apart of the same brother hood remember that

United Geometry

Everything Kanye said made perfect sense to me,, The Media are the ones calling him Token Negro, his mother rolling in her grave, negro that can't read.
If black people cant see through this by now & that the Dem. control the Media they need to wake up & do some research.
From what I've seen blacks are PISSED about this, only the celebrities are talking crap about him.

Rezo Negdro

USA is a Corporation of America and America is a colony of Britain And Britain is owned by thy Vatican! 😉

bebe bebe

I don't care what you people say I believe it Kanye West saying to be true either side is just ridiculous


If he doesn't, you're a fucken liar and you need to get a life.

Esteban Garcia

We've been friends for a long time-trump , kanye finally really connected now with the elite

Donald Miller

You would have to be spiritualy intelligent in order to be illuminated.