NASA successfully launches its probe Parker Solar Probe in the direction of the Sun

NASA successfully launches its probe Parker Solar Probe in the direction of the Sun

Probe Parker Solar Probe of NASA, a spacecraft that, as he says, “will play” to the sun, has been launched from Cape Canaveral.

The ship was launched into space from the base of Florida to the 3.31 A. M eastern time (EDT) on Sunday

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After takeoff, a voice announced, that all was in order:

A mission daring to shed light on the mysteries of our nearest star”.

During the next seven years, Parker will fly directly through the warm outer atmosphere of the Sun in an attempt to unlock some of the most important secrets of the solar system.

Lanzamiento del cohete Delta IV Heavy que sostiene la sonda Parker Solar Probe.

Rocket launch Delta IV Heavy that holds the probe Parker Solar Probe. Credit: NASA

The objective of placing the probe very close to the Sun, is to obtain information on the solar winds and particles of solar energy.

The probe will not take pictures or film videos of the Sun, but that will analyze the composition of the solar atmosphere. In particular, you will measure the flow of the solar wind and the rain of particles that sprout from the star and that sometimes bombard the Earth and its satellites.

A great challenge

The spacecraft will have to withstand temperatures of over 1300 ° C, while orbiting around the Sun a for 24 times. The ship will be only 6 million kilometers from the Sun. It should be noted that the distance that exists between the Earth and the Sun is 149.6 million kilometers.

In addition, the Parker Solar Probe will beat two records: it becomes the fastest ship built by the man, reaching approximately 700,000 miles per hour, and most will approach to the Sun, seven times more that the one that ventured in the past, the Helios 2.

You can see a replay of the launch in the video below:

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