PARIS Attacks SHOCKING Illuminati Conspiracy! Freemasons New World Order False Flag (UPDATE)

PARIS Attacks SHOCKING Illuminati Conspiracy! Freemasons New World Order False Flag (UPDATE)


Paris terror attacks update! Illuminati Freemasons symbolism used as subliminal psychological mind game on society to bring in the New World Order to the European Union and the rest if the world.

We cover how the viral Eiffel Tower peace sign is a combination of two Illuminati symbols. First, the peace sign symbol origins in pagan Rome also known as the Cross of Nero, which was used to crucify and torture people upside down.

We talk about how the Eiffel Tower was created by a very smart French Freemason, who also designed the Statue of Liberty, which was a gift from the French Freemasons to the US Freemasons in New York and how the sculptor was a freemason.

We cover the fact that the headquarters of the European Union was designed to symbolize the ancient Tower of Babel inside out and how it ties in with the Da Vinci Code Illuminati and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

Paris terror attacks conspiracy happened on the night of Friday 13th! It was a false flag event aimed at destabilizing Europe into New World Order oblivion. Subversion is used to demoralize, destabilize, and normalize. Friday 13th is not a coincidence! - it's an occult date of evil Illuminati satanists.

New World Order is created out of Old World engineered chaos. First they create a migrant crisis to demoralize and destabilize Europe through 'open border' policy allowing top terrorists and criminals into European countries. Then once the terrorists are in they create more chaos to "destabilize" and close borders, as president of France announced.

So how come it takes a major terror event to "close borders" when they should have been closed to migrants in the first place! Because this is an engineered crisis situation aimed at breaking down Europe to create a New World Order. Prayers for the victims and their families.


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I may have sent this before, Check out a video called "official one world trade center time-lapse 2004-2013". This video will show the red and blue which are the two colors for the pillars of freemasonry. You will see the building is framed in red and skinned in blue. Also note the cranes on the top, at the very end of the construction one crane is change out so you have one red and one blue crane. Also note a video called "Bill gates ALS ice bucket challenge" again notice the red and blue and also the Pyramid shape next… Read more »

zezt zezter

what was your dream?

Scott Wallace

This is just the tip of the iceberg. WWII was a false flag. The Moon is a false flag. And you, too, are a false flag. God is a false flag too.


It is also the rune for death.

Roberto Di Aguiar

MASSACRE ILLUMINATI prévues par le gouvernement français

I 78779797 u hihin

this guy stuttered so much though out the video he just pulls this out of his ass

John Lonergan

You missed a symbol. When you superimpose the Eiffel Tower onto the Cross of Nero, you will notice that the base pyramid looks like a it has an eye at the tip. Now look at the back of a dollar bill. The Federal Reserve and has been linked with the Illuminati since its conception in 1913. Good work. People should have more open minds like you.

Grim wriggler

good video cheers.

Phoe Nix

LOL Nero known to play music while Rome was burning? That's an artistic inerpretation about a 1000 years after that happened


You have 2 European parliaments 1 in Brussels Belgium 1 in Strasbourg France ! The 1 you're talking is the France Bilding ! Babylon is coming BECK !!!!!!! Central Banks are the EIVL off the WORLD !

Soulful Music

illuminati conspiracy ok..but what the heck with "open gates" video, this illumnati video itself enough to create a chaos between blacks,whites,muslims and christians…. im a muslim and i dont have any type of interest in destabilizing Europe… i know who is the real enemy of muslim world.


Gen 11:1 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.

Gen 11:7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

Gen 11:9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

Mat 24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Oliver Hagenbruch ARATHORN

take a look on "Europe many tongues one voice".. next to the "Humans" Picture.. were are actually shown as Robots 🙂

gerardje hulsman

good video. look on my channel for some symbolism from holland. look for the video of how they did built city's in my country, and really nobody knows this. i'm the first one who shows this, after 3 years still no answers. also some video's of the chemtrails and other shit happening in the sky. no fake video's, i made them by myself. some i still can't explain, like the wargames/ cloudseeding video. if i put a link, my comments will be blocked by youtube.
good luck.

Juan Nadie

Stop jewish terrorism, stop jewish media deception, and stop the jewish plan for your further subjugation.

the european union headquarters are in belgium not france

stu. house

we're months away from the big day , and what are we doing, talking about irrelevant symbolism and still going to work everyday, they will pull us apart like warm bread.


ever thought about getting laid

Mundolio Knows

That "peace symbol" is the CND symbol. It looks like that because it's the letters squashed together. The Paris one uses it to make the middle part look like the Eiffel Tower. Get it? Nothing to do with lizards you fucking idiot. And don't brag about 100k hits, it's not down to your video, just the subject matter. Disgrace.


Horseshit.  Masons had nothing to do with this or the so-called illuminati.  That's total, horseshit.


This video is so shit…I don't know what's worse the information/comparisons that are being made or the camera work…the last time I seen a video shake so much was the Blair Witch Project. I'm all for being aware about what is happening, but come on, if you're using the Da Vinci Code and wiki as your sources of information you have no credibility.

D.r right

if that was a real terror attack why not not happend on the 14th or another day somewhere else and how just once why they just keep bombing like 3 times or next day…. see its bullshit.,,, i don't think it's terror it's Illuminati terror attacks even 911 it was planned before it happened for 15 to 20 years media was involved such as movies a messages but we need to open up our eyes

Super Saiyan 3

statue of liberity = Apollo…. looks nothing like a woman

Super Saiyan 3

I literally saw this symbol on twitter 20 mins after the attacks got announced on the news. This wasnt a symbol that went viral by mistake….they had this planned before.


My city has multiple freemason buildings. Im on the edge of burnin all them bitches down n shootin every satanic fuck that comes runnin out. I think more people needa get on my level. All the ones in america r jus low ranking 1's what people really need 2 target is the royal familes their the heart of it all. If i lived in europe the woman of darkness castles would b eliminated along eith the royal castle n every1 connected wit em

Ro Pe

Thanks for sharing this information and well done. I myself has been looking into conspiracy theories for the last two decades but have come to the conclution that its not conspiracies anylonger.The whole planet is controlled by elitist and they are behind of all the mass exstinction of ordinary people. Bill Gates and others control the fake medicin in India and Africa to de-populate the globe. Yes, you heard me right. BILL GATES. All these false flags agendas is just fake reasons that soon will lead to the martial law and the new world order which real agenda is to… Read more »

Micro Wars

actually that plaing music thing while rome was burning is not at all a shure thing and post fire he may have actually been a good emperor. Theres a lot of ainchient politics that go in to history and propaganda could have been … WHY? Why am I even?

Fucking seriousely the fucking the goddamn fucking piece sighn???? Why would the arms be broken that way that makes no sence??????

Why go to the trubble of breaking the arms?


Anthony Delara

"If you crucify a person, flip them upside down, and break their arms"


Oliver Hagenbruch ARATHORN

Interesting. Thanks for Sharing