Bobby Flay makes dream come true for teen chef

Bobby Flay makes dream come true for teen chef

MSG Network reporter Jill Martin arranged a surprise visit for an aspiring teen chef to meet Bobby Flay though MSG’s Garden of Dreams Foundation.

Gaby Perez, 16, thought she was going to work on a school project when she instead got to meet Flay.

Explains a source: “Gaby idolizes Bobby and wants to become a chef . . . She was stunned when Bobby proceeded to teach her how to make a new dish, Knicks Chicken Wings.” Perez’s goal is to be a chef and make money to help her family.

Recalls Flay of his own culinary dreams: “I was 16. I dropped out of high school, so I needed a job and I started as a busboy . . . Two weeks later, I found myself in the kitchen. And then I started thinking about going to culinary school. So I went to get my [GED] so I could go to culinary school” at 18.

Of Perez, Flay said, “The future is very bright for Gaby.”

Flay’s even invited her on his TV show, “Beat Bobby Flay.”

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