Brave models swim in crocodile-infested waters for perfect shot

Brave models swim in crocodile-infested waters for perfect shot

Models Swim with Crocodiles


Brave models swim in crocodile-infested waters for perfect shot

Photographer Ken Kiefer took several women to waters full of crocodiles in Mexico to participate in a life-threatening shoot. Kiefer was seeking to capture underwater glamour shots. Who said modeling couldn’t be dangerous?

Cop Dragged By Suspect Car


Fleeing suspect drags cop with him for nearly two miles

When Ohio police pulled over Jamel Patton for driving without headlights, they noticed that the interior of his car smelled like marijuana. When they asked him to step out of his car, he instead drove off, dragging one of the officers with him for nearly two miles. He now faces charges including felonious assault on a police officer, failure to comply with a police order and resisting arrest.

Monitor Lizards Mate


Giant lizards mate in front of shocked families

Families visiting a playground in Thailand were shocked to find two giant monitor lizards standing on their hind legs, hugging each other. While the display started off cute, things escalated into a much less “family-friendly” event.

Creepy 4-limbed spider is on its last legs


Creepy 4-limbed spider is on its last legs

A self-described entomology enthusiast discovered a huntsman spider missing half of its legs, so she decided to take it in as a pet. Since then, she can’t stop posting videos of her petting the crippled critter.

Disgruntled customer shouts racial slurs at Verizon employee


Disgruntled customer shouts racial slurs at Verizon employee

A customer caused a scene while he yelled racial slurs at a Verizon employee in the middle of the street in San Francisco. The man reportedly was unable to purchase a new phone for his family plan. According to witnesses, the unidentified man wasn’t able to provide the necessary information, sparking the disturbing confrontation.

Pole Dancing Family


Pole dancing family wants to tear down stereotypes

This family from Missouri has an unusual hobby: pole dancing. Lindsey Teall and Jake Night met as exotic dancers and are now performing in pole dancing competitions with their children, despite what the haters might say.

K9 Attacks Bystander


Vicious K-9 attacks innocent bystander

An innocent bystander received serious injuries to his arm when he was attacked by a loose police dog in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to police, the dog broke free from its collar and refused to follow commands issued by its handler.

Feed Your Cat Vega Food


Vegan cats are now a ‘thing’

Can a cat survive on a vegan diet? This pet owner in Gold Coast, Australia, received backlash after posting a video of his cat, Uma, eating a strictly plant-based diet. “She chows it down like there is no tomorrow,” claims 53-year-old vegan Harry Bolman.

Underwear Masked Robber


Underwear mask fails to hide thief’s face

Security camera footage from a landscaping store in Texas shows a masked man enter the premises before he allegedly stole the company’s cash box. Interestingly, it appears that the suspect used a pair of underpants to partially cover his face.

Ear Wax Pulled From Ear


Man has 22 objects removed from his ear

An ear wax removal specialist was shocked to find 22 tiny plastic items buried deep in a patient’s ear canal. The objects were identified as ear wax filters for a hearing aid, which apparently kept falling off the patient’s device.

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