Is vegan cat food ‘abusive’?

Is vegan cat food ‘abusive’?

Underwear Masked Robber


Underwear mask fails to hide thief’s face

Security camera footage from a landscaping store in Texas shows a masked man enter the premises before he allegedly stole the company’s cash box. Interestingly, it appears that the suspect used a pair of underpants to partially cover his face.

Ear Wax Pulled From Ear


Man has 22 objects removed from his ear

An ear wax removal specialist was shocked to find 22 tiny plastic items buried deep in a patient’s ear canal. The objects were identified as ear wax filters for a hearing aid, which apparently kept falling off the patient’s device.

Kid is Like Bruce Lee


Jacked 8-year-old is the next Bruce Lee

This kid packs a mean punch. Martial arts prodigy Ryusei Imai has idolized Bruce Lee since he was a wee tot. “I’ve watched his movies since I was 1 year old,” the 8-year-old from Japan said. “I’m getting better and better. Now I can imitate his moves along with the movies.”

Woman Harassed For Wearing Puerto Rican Shirt


Man berates woman for wearing a Puerto Rico flag shirt

A 62-year-old man was filmed harassing a woman in Cook County, Illinois, simply because she was wearing a Puerto Rico shirt in a park. The footage also shows a police officer not responding to the victim’s requests for help as the enraged man grows more and more aggressive.

Liberals and Conservative Buy These Brands


Ranch dressing is Kryptonite for liberals

What you buy could be a dead giveaway on your politics. From Jif to Dockers, a new University of Chicago study found a surprising list of brands that strongly predict which side of the liberal-conservative divide you’re on.

Man pulled from train tracks moments before train pulls in


Man pulled from train tracks moments before train pulls in

A man who fell onto the train tracks in Sydney, Australia, was rescued just in time by a good Samaritan. Sydney Trains released the heart-pounding video to remind people to be careful.

Grandpa Fails at Filming Proposal


Grandfather flubs filming proposal, takes selfie instead

John Hart was supposed to use his grandson’s phone to film him proposing to his girlfriend, but things got a little messed up. He accidentally had the camera facing the wrong way and filmed his own face as he watched the romantic occasion.

Air Force Vet is Instagram Fitness Hottie


Air Force hottie makes $80K salary on Instagram

This Air Force veteran makes $80,000 a year on Instagram, thanks to her sexy Wonder Woman-inspired posts. “Numbers on social media don’t matter if you don’t know what you’re doing,” Alysia Magen said. “I know so many influencers with 300K or more followers who don’t make a cent.”

Getting punched in the face may have saved this guy’s life


Getting punched in the face may have saved this guy’s life

CCTV cameras at a gas station convenience store in Tampa, Florida, caught the moment that a suspect punched an elderly clerk in the face after he was refused alcohol. In a strange twist of fate, the victim ended up discovering that he had a brain tumor after getting a CT scan to check for injuries from the assault.

Dad and Son Stuck on Zip-line over Alligator Waters


Father and son dangle on zipline above gator-infested waters

Two marooned zipliners dangled 40 feet over alligator-infested waters at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. The father-and-son duo waited a heart-pounding 25 minutes before a guide rescued them.

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