Kudlow: China has been stealing US intellectual property for decades

Kudlow: China has been stealing US intellectual property for decades

President Trump’s chief economic adviser on Sunday said the White House had to stand up to China because the country has been breaking international laws for decades and stealing technology from American companies.

“President Trump is right. We have to do this. We have to get China to change its behavior. It’s been two decades, and they’re still stealing our intellectual property,” Larry Kudlow told AM 970 host John Catsimatidis in an interview that aired Sunday. “They’re still forcing technology turnovers from our businesses to them. They still have high tariffs. They still have trade barriers. They still have market closings instead of market openings.”

Kudlow, who joined the administration last week as the replacement for former economic adviser Gary Cohn, said the ball is in China’s court over how it will respond to the escalating tariff threats.

“No tariffs have been implemented. Now, they may be over time, they may be, depending on whether China wants to talk to us and negotiate,” Kudlow said. “A lot of this is going to depend on China. So far China has not responded to President Trump on these … you know, they’re stealing our technology, they have tall trade barriers, and they’re breaking a lot of laws.”

The world’s largest economic powers in the past week have been engaged in an escalating battle over trade tariffs.

The Trump administration said the Chinese government has been using unfair trade practices for years and is stealing or requiring American companies to turn over their intellectual property in exchange for doing business in the country.

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