Schumer warns against proposed canine security cuts

Schumer warns against proposed canine security cuts

The feds are threatening to nix bomb-sniffing dogs that patrol Big Apple airports and train stations as a cost-cutting measure — potentially risking the lives of millions of New Yorkers, Sen. Chuck Schumer warned Sunday.

At a press conference inside Penn Station, Schumer slammed Transportation Safety Administration head David Pekoske for suggesting earlier this week that the TSA scrap canine teams at airports, train stations and events such as marathons.

“Canine teams are not a luxury. In New York City, canine dog teams can mean life or death,” he said, demanding the TSA “immediately reverse course.”

Pekoske suggested getting rid of the dogs as Congress grilled him last Thursday over President Trump’s proposed 2019 budget for the TSA, according to Schumer.

State and local governments would be left picking up the tab for the hounds, according to Schumer, who argued airport security is a federal matter.

“My message to the TSA is simply: If you think you’re going to tell New York to just pick up the slack for a canine team that’s essential and that’s your responsibility, a federal responsibility, you’re barking up the wrong tree,” he said.

Pekoske crowed last fall that the canines allowed TSA workers to expeditiously screen travelers during the busy 2017 Thanksgiving holiday, according to the LA Times.

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