Sharply dressed Stitches cuts Cards

Sharply dressed Stitches cuts Cards

“Hey you kids, get off my lawn.” Chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow sounds like he couldn’t care less how Mark Zuckerberg’s trial goes but offered a fashion suggestion. Well-dressed 70-year-old asked “Is he gonna wear a suit and tie? Behave like an adult? I’m tired of the phony baloney T-shirt and hoodie.” Bill Belichick had no comment. At least Mark showed up for his grilling, as did Bill Cosby. Wore a suit as well while actress Nicolle Rochelle showed up in her birthday suit to protest. Giants’ Ereck Flowers, on the other hand, was a mini-camp no-show. First-round flop may be wearing a suit and tie next season.

Red Birds at Red Legs this evening. Cards’ Michael Wacha won both starts vs. the Reds last year, posting an ERA of 1.50. Looking for more of the same facing the league’s worst — 20 units on Cards.

In the only Wednesday game that didn’t have a brawl, the Cubs clubbed the Pirates 13-5. Jon Lester didn’t have it. Didn’t matter as Chicago cleared the ivy three times. Win shaves the deficit to 111 burberrys.

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