Snapchat’s new Snap Kit allows third-party apps access to features

Snapchat’s new Snap Kit allows third-party apps access to features

Snapchat has finally opened its app to outside developers.

The disappearing-photo service on Thursday unveiled Snap Kit, developer tools that will allow third-party apps to include Snapchat’s hottest features.

Users of apps like Tinder, Pandora and Postmates will soon see Snapchat integrations such as access to Snap Stories and the company’s popular Bitmoji characters. Snap Kit also will allow the Snapchat login to be used as an authentication mechanism on partner apps.

Snapchat has made an effort to distance itself from Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal by touting Snap Kit’s focus on data security.

Snap Kit’s site describes privacy as “essential to honest self-expression,” and says that the app was designed to share as little data as possible.

Developers who use Snap Kit will only have access to a user’s display name and Bitmoji when connected to Snapchat, and will not have access to any users’ friends’ data.

The Los Angeles-based social network also said that all third-party apps will be approved by humans rather than computers, and that apps that have been inactive for 90 days will be automatically disconnected.

The rollout of Snap Kit is the company’s latest move to bring back users who have been migrating to Instagram.

Snapchat previously upset users when it redesigned its app in February in an effort to simplify and streamline its user experience.

Users complained the changes made it difficult to follow their best friends’ stories — and that it put their all-important Snap Streaks in danger due to confusion about how to send messages.

Snap shares were up 1.5 percent Thursday afternoon, reaching $13.82 at 2:35 p.m.

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