Stitches: Please, Mr. Postman

Stitches: Please, Mr. Postman

Mail time. With all the preseason hype coming from The Bronx Don Reed writes “Buy your Yankees WS tix right now. $8,000 each, standing room only. Additional handling fee $500.”… After we fell short last week in Motown, Rich Rutigliano tried to lift Stitches’ spirits with “Detroit Baseball. Nothing’s changed in the last 3 years. They’re all fat, slow and can’t hit, and the manager is fat too. On top of that you’re in DETROIT.” Thank you, Rich. Now I feel better.
New York, New York. First-place Mets take their talents to South Beach this week and Jacob deGrom gets his turn Tuesday. Red-hot Amazin’s should pad the win column against the Fish — 20 units on the Mets. And 10 units on the ice-cold Yankees as they head to Fenway searching for answers. Heavyweight matchup pits Luis Severino against Chris Sale as Giancarlo Stanton continues to hear the boos, but not as many, in Boston.

Mets left D.C., Braves came in and the Nats got back to the business of winning. Julio Teheran was good, but Max Scherzer was better. Threw a complete game two-hitter in the 2-0 victory. Skidding, Loss takes us to -261 sinatras.

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