Teachout, who opposed unpaid internships, had unpaid interns

Teachout, who opposed unpaid internships, had unpaid interns

New York attorney general candidate and lefty law professor Zephyr Teachout doesn’t practice what she preaches.

Teachout said she was “against unpaid internships” in 2014 – but interns for her 2016 congressional campaign were only offered college credit.

The liberal activist wrote on a Reddit Ask Me Anything that her 2014 Democratic campaign for governor didn’t “rely on unpaid interns, only volunteers” and that if elected she’d “push to end unpaid internships.”

“I am against unpaid internships,” Teachout wrote on Aug. 13, 2014, in response to an AMA question. “They are a symptom of much larger problems with our current economy, where employers have huge leverage over workers.”

After losing the 2014 primary to Gov. Cuomo, Teachout, a Fordham Law professor, ran for New York’s 19th congressional district in 2016 and was defeated by Republican John Faso.

Eight interns and fellows for the 2016 bid weren’t paid, according to their LinkedIn profiles and filings of the campaign’s spending. Teachout said that the campaign offered students internships for college credit.

“The problem with unpaid internships is that they privilege young people with the resources to donate their labor, and disadvantage those without,” Teachout said. “At the same time, it was hard to turn away the handful of enthusiastic students who approached us 2016 so we offered them college credit, but we are working to do better this year by paying on a sliding scale based on need.”

Teachout is now running in the Sept. 13 Democratic primary for state attorney general against city Public Advocate Letitia James, New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and Leecia Eve, a Verizon lobbyist and former aide to Cuomo and Hillary Clinton.

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