Why Jeff Van Gundy won’t get a Knicks interview

Why Jeff Van Gundy won’t get a Knicks interview

The Knicks talked to Jeff Van Gundy’s reps over the weekend, but team brass has decided not to schedule an interview. While it was reported the Knicks “reached out’’ to Van Gundy, it was more along the lines of Van Gundy’s reps making an inquiry, according to sources.

The Knicks have had internal talks about Van Gundy as a fit. While he has a glorious Knicks résumé, three things are stacked against him:

1. He’s been away from the NBA sidelines and hasn’t coached in the analytics era;

2. He is an old-school coach who hasn’t been amenable to management types giving major input into coaching the club;

3. He gained a reputation — fair or unfair — for not relating well with international players, with a tough-love approach backfiring on former first-round pick Frederic Weis of France.

The Knicks are trying to groom their 2017 first-rounder from France, Frank Ntilikina, 19, into a future All-Star.

The Knicks do plan to interview the team’s most successful coach since Van Gundy in Mike Woodson, who went 109-79 before being fired by Phil Jackson after the 2013-14 season. The Knicks have been a wreck ever since. Woodson was known to be loved by owner James Dolan.

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