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21st. Century Patriot Rob

New from MSNBC… "The secretive Bilderberg elite are worried about the 'post-truth' world" As they should be… Be afraid… be very afraid… We know who you are now, and we know your crimes. Every day more of us awaken, so have your little meetings… but the beast is awake now, he's hungry, and he's coming for YOU!

Meng Pant

Give a man a gun and he robs the bank. Give a man a BANK and he robs the world!

Louise M-D

dedpopulation is free market forcing slaves into work ing where they are disabled n killed by the work n machines,that's the history n competing nations keep workers working faster n more dangerously to compete w those across border,u all want to travel,buy foreign stuff n sell 're stuff n services anywhere u want,so why not hv one world can't get worst for labor slaves,better than men's wars eternal

Louise M-D

heads are not ,it's the shadows who never go to meeting s,Rothschild s order Rockefeller s,it's already global,cuz boundaries coz Canon fodder of the young of each sides,cigs n booze n pot n porn n entertainment s,etc etc n sugar n animal torture products ,is how masses spend their time why?

Terrence Tyler

this sounds like Alex Jones narrating parts of this

Chris Sanders

This blokes accent, tone and delivery, is so affected, it's absolutely risible. What a ham.


As a Canadian, i can safely say that Conrad Black and Paul Martin should have been actors, because the bull shit they spewed in this video is worthy of an Oscar..