The Magic formula Cult Of The Illuminati 👁 total video clip

Have you at any time questioned, What is the Illuminati? Who is the Illuminati? What are the conspiracy theories at the rear of the Illuminati? Very well, you might be in luck with this video.

We. just take a search into the solution society and its prospective members, including the unusual and creepy mindblowing conspiracy theories surrounding them such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Prince, Madonna, Beyonce, Jay Z and Michael Jackson.


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The secret cult of liars and Illusionists called media… The money lies….humans have many Perceptions but are forced to use one…They believe without doing any research…Thus liars rule because lots of humans love lies ..Lieing released a natural high in humans… Humans are inherently evil…Humans are inherently liars…On earth, they have logic but never use it…In a society of truth , advancements are made..In a society of lies, advancements are stalled .. Still forced to pay for electricity even though you logically have free energy all around you… Humans are slaves who think they have freedom….A slave doesn't think he's… Read more »